The Shippam team visited the largest and most attended promotional products tradeshow this past Janurary and walked away with some of the top products of the year! 

The release of these products features a positive environemtnal shift that focuses on eco-friendly products.

For product details and pricing, please click on the item below:

1) Bamboo Fiber Lunch Box with Utensil Pocket

2) Gaia Bamboo Tumbler 

3) Adult Fusion Performance T-shirt 

4) Skull Candy Bluetooth Earbuds 

5) Corckcicle Canteen Bottle

6) Rekonect Magnetic Notebook 

7) Wheat Straw Mug w/ Stainless Liner 

8) Reusable Bag 

9) Cotton Washed Canvas Duffel 

10) 2-in-1 Pen Holder/Wireless Charger