2020 was the year in which everything changed. We’ve all had to rethink how we do things, and that includes your promotional product and giveaway strategy.

Here are five promotional trends for 2021 that you can incorporate into your promotional product strategy to start the year strong.

Swivel Headphones

1. Virtual-event giveaways

If your events are virtual, your giveaways must create a personal connection with your customer and have a higher perceived value to capture the brand connection. Perhaps most importantly, you also need to consider shipping costs.

Our pick: Swivel Wireless Earbuds and Charging Case

Urban Peak Summit Mugs - Promotional Giveaway2. Work-from-home products combined with return to work

Last year saw the migration of workers moving to remote locations. In the first quarter of 2021, we believe this trend will remain. However, as COVID-19 restrictions loosen, more workers will move back to the office or balance a combination of remote and at-the-office schedules.

We suggest selecting promotional products that you can easily transport between two offices.

Our pick: Urban Peak Summit Camp Mugs

3. Safety products

It’s never been more important to take extra safety precautions. Show your staff and clients you care with a PPE safety kit. We have a great selection of them, including a mask and branded secure headband kit and this great indispensable kit with disposable mask, nitrile gloves, and antibacterial cleanser gel packet packaged in a full-color microfibre pouch.

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4. Self-care products

The past year has been mentally and physically stressful. Help your staff and clients destress with a self-care branded product, including a yoga stretch band and a bamboo shower and body brush.

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5. Customized products to show off your brand

Now that we’ve moved online, show off your brand during virtual meetings – put your slogan and logo on T-shirts, fleeces, scarves and hats.

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