Is there anything that COVID-19 hasn’t changed?

It’s safe to say, it’s changed our habits, the way we live our lives, spend our money, and the way we view our personal safety and take steps to mitigate our concerns.

In January, Euromonitor released the top 10 global consumer trends expected to gain traction in 2021. Here’s an overview with some promotional merchandise recommendations:

  1. Safety Obsessed: COVID-19 has created a health-awareness boom driving a demand for hygiene products and contactless solutions to avoid exposure. Companies should implement enhanced safety measures and innovations that target concerns to reassure consumers. Reassure your team and clients with these safety products. 
  2. Build Back Better: Consumers want companies to care beyond revenue by protecting society and the planet’s health. Here are some eco-friendly and sustainable product ideas.
  3. Craving Convenience: Lockdowns have made consumers want a shopping experience that’s safe, swift, and seamless. Make life more convenient with Shippam’s Kitting Service – Pick, pack, and ship. 
  4. Outdoor Oasis: Mobility restrictions and remote work have encouraged consumers to create their own private outdoor oasis for leisure and recreation. Help them get outdoors with these products. 
  5. Phygital Reality: This is a hybrid of physical and digital worlds where consumers can seamlessly live, work, shop and play, in person and online. These power banks will help you stay up and running – at home and away. 
  6. Playing With Time: Consumers have to get more creative and organized in order to get everything done. These journals will help you stay on track. 
  7. Restless and Rebellious: It’s more difficult than ever to get your message out. We can help you do that with our signage products and consulting. 
  8. Shaken and Stirred: These days, even James Bond would be shaken AND stirred. Stay calm and tranquil with these great self-care products. 
  9. Thoughtful Thrifters: Consumers are much more cautious with their spending. Thoughtful thrifters know you can never go wrong with value-added, health-conscious products and services. 
  10. Workplaces in New Spaces: Working from home now may mean having a laptop in the kitchen. Here is some fun, useful and eco-friendly merchandise ideas for the place you eat, and maybe work. 

We’re here to help you select the promotional merchandise you need in 2021; contact a Shippam representative today to help with your selection, campaign, or event merchandise.