Do you own a branded T-shirt? Considering that even your favorite band is a brand, the answer is more than likely “yes.”

According to the Advertising Specialty Institute’s 2016 annual ad impressions study, more than half of consumers across all age groups report owning a branded T-shirt.

T-SHIRT-FACTS.png (291 KB)

Impressions-FACTS.png (764 KB)Now, consider every time a person has noticed a logo on your T-shirt. ASI’s 2020 study reported that a promotional T-shirt generates 3,400 impressions (or “views”) throughout its lifetime.

What this data proves is that T-shirts are a high-impact, cost-effective advertising medium; in addition, the people who wear them generally do so because they’re proud of, or feel a connection to, the brand.

Your organization’s brand will look great on a T-shirt.

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