According to a recent article by the Advertising Speciality Institute (ASI), remote work is driving 2022 apparel trends. “Customers used to have two wardrobes and it’s now one. It’s versatile and fits all of their needs,” says Katie Boyce, vice president and general manager for Trimark.


1. Muted Colours:

Heather Hendricks, executive account manager for Drive Marketing says, “We’re going to continue to see a monochromatic approach to apparel. Subtle tones and hues of the desert, pastels, muted greens, creams, soft blues, custardy yellow, terra cotta, taupe, slate.” Basically, colours that remind you of nature and comfort.”

The combed and ring-spun cotton KOI Element Tee comes in 12 colours, such as amethyst purple, dusk, indigo and olive green. It transitions perfectly from your remote desk to “real life.”

2. Earth-Conscious Products:

As climate change impacts the Earth, more people are seeking to buy enviro-friendly products from companies that demonstrate enviro-friendly practices. The fact that people are conscious of the products they buy is a given, along with the questions: Is the product sustainable? Does the business give back to the community? Is there a conscious approach to manufacturing?

Toward this end, the Rincon Eco Packable Jacket is made with recycled polyester. It’s wind- and water-resistant, the mesh lining keeps you cool and comfy, and it’s easy to pack away.

bucket-hat.jpg (83 KB)

3. ‘90s Nostalgia:

The kids from the ‘90s are getting nostalgic. The surfer-punk and grunge aesthetic are back with cropped cardigans, extreme layering, plaid and checkered prints, and colours, such as vibrant pink and lime green, which you can layer perfectly with muted colours.

The Stone Roses and the New Radicals would approve: check out this retro funky tie-dye bucket hat – perfect for your logo and the next 90s nostalgia tour.

4. The Unboxing Experience:

These days, the unveil is just as important as the gift inside. And your message on the outside of the eco-friendly box is just as important as the message on the inside. Not only will your beautifully packaged gift create brand loyalty, the recipient will want to share the unveiling on social media.

We can help create that gift-giving experience for your customers with our “kitting” service. We can help you pick the right promotional merchandise, package it perfectly, and manage the pick, pack and ship for you.

If you’re ready to get started, contact a Shippam representative to help you navigate and select the right merchandise for your campaign and brand messaging.