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Meet Khilila Machado: our graphic designer extraordinaire

Khilila - Shippam & Associates graphic designer - in-house design

Khilila, or “K,” has worked at Shippam since 2017. She provides our clients with production previews for a sneak peek into what their order will look like when it’s delivered. She ensures our online store is up to date and helps create and manage social media.

She also designs logos, flyers, and marketing material for us and our clients (yes, you might not know we provide design services for our clients too).

A little Q&A with K:

1. What’s the best part of your job?

It’s very cool to be walking around and see something you helped make. Seeing a T-shirt I designed years ago stops me in my tracks.

2. Is there anything that would surprise people about you?

In winter, my hobby is gaming and winter walks. In the summer I swim and ride (a bicycle for now, but I also want to learn how to ride a motorcycle).

3. Do you have a motto?

“We’re all learning.” As a mom, it helps my son (and me) remember that we’re not perfect.

4. What’s your favourite promotional product?

I drool over anything made by Asobu. I’m a sucker for nicely designed things. I like the new Moonshine Mason Jars. It reminds me that the summer cabin season is coming. 

K is an integral part of our team and our clients’ brand awareness. We’re inspired by her creativity, work ethic and design knowledge. 

Next time you need a design think of K.