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Awards & Recognition

Make an impact: create a custom-tailored recognition program.

Recognize your most important asset – your employees – with the perfect award or gift to say, “thank you.”

Since 1995, we’ve helped organizations build award and recognition programs that create a culture of loyalty, motivation, and open communication. Our dedication, superior customer service, large product selection, and brochure and online platform design makes us a top Western Canada choice for recognition and award programs.

We can help you find the perfect branded gifts for your award, employee recognition, and health and safety programs. We work within your budget and scope to make your organization’s reputation and employees shine.

A great culture is good for your brand and business.

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Awards & Recognition

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Recognition programs:
Long-Term Service Awards

Recognizing employees who surpass company set milestones.

Safety Awareness

Recognizing employees who help make your work environment hazard free and safe.

Performance Appreciation

Recognizing employees for a job well done.

We also offer:
Online stores

A custom tailored store with your awards and promotional products for your employees to purchase or select after earning points.

Graphic Design

Our in-house graphic design team can help you create selection sheets and design your branded merchandise.


Adhere to your company culture and standards

Celebrate your team members

Save time on set-up and implementation

Create fun and strengthen morale

Order anytime from anywhere


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